Active IP Block


We are sorry but your access to the server has been BLOCKED due to excessive errors.

The following can result in an active block to your account:

  • Entering invalid cPANEL user id or passwords.
  • Entering invalid SMTP/POP/IMAP user id or passwords.
  • Entering invalid FTP user id or passwords.
  • Entering invalid TELNET/SSH user id or passwords.
  • Performing suspicious activity on a website.
  • Accessing a website which is performing suspicious activity.

If you feel you have received this error message in error, please open a support ticket and we will address the block on your IP address as soon as possible.  You must open the ticket from the system you were blocked on so we obtain the correct IP information pertaining to your blocked access.

We are sorry for any issues this may have caused, but will work with you to determine why this occurred. Please understand that opening a ticket does not guarantee that your access will be reinstated on the server.

Thank you

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