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What are active Blocks and how to they affect me?


An ACTIVE BLOCK is a block that we have on our servers which prevent systems from accessing and emailing to our servers.  

We have a number of different blocks on our servers and for security reasons will not go into the different types, but they affect the following regions and domain extensions (TLD). 

The countries we block due to excessive hacking attempts:

    • BD
    • BG
    • BR
    • CN
    • ID
    • IN
    • IQ
    • IR
    • KG
    • KH
    • KR
    • MN
    • PE
    • PH
    • RO
    • RU
    • TH
    • VN

We use MaxMind Geo IP Tables to manage our IP to Country tables which can be reviewed.

We have other blocks as mentioned so if you are not receiving emails when you feel you should or you have client that is not able to access your website, please let us know.

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