Horde Webmail does not work with Internet Explorer 7

Horde Webmail works with FireFox but not with Internet Explorer 7


We have found a couple of fixes that may or may not work. Once you
have tried to log into your e-mail account using Internet Explorer 7 and
all you get is a blank screen then here are your options:

1. Possible Fix
a. Click in the address bar
b. Delete everything after the http://www.yourdomain:2095/
c. Hit the enter key

This may display everything correctly and then it will work
fine, however if not then your only other options are listed.

2. Use FireFox
3. Use Squirrelmail (install the puggins you need)
4. Install a 3rd party e-mail client like RoundCube,
5. Roll back your version of Internet Explorer
6. Contact Microsoft

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