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Not able to send/receive emails using my local email client


If you find that you are not able to send emails, please make sure that your email settings are setup correctly.

If you are traveling and are not able to send emails, it might be that the location you are using the internet is marked as a spammer. This will cause any email you send from this location to be ignored. You might also need to change your email SMTP port to 26 since a number of locations will block port 25.

If you are using SSL, try turning that off and using Outgoing Standard and Incoming Standard, becuase the certificate on the server allowing secured transfer of email may not be reconized by your email client.  Please NOTE the information below on configuring your email client to support SSL>

Please make sure that you are using a valid port for sending email.  We support the following ports


Incoming Standard     110
Incoming SSL           995


Outgoing Standard      25, 26, 465, 587, 5001
Outgoing SSL            465

For SSL, please use incoming/outgoing server:


Incoming Standard      143
Incoming SSL             993

Outgoing Standard      25, 26, 465, 587, 5001
Outgoing SSL            465

For SSL, please use incoming/outgoing server:

If you have any additional questions and need support please open a support ticket.

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